Report Scam Community has conducted many researches before flagging as a possible scam in this Review. Website – Address – Hong Kong Warned By – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom) Review: Introduction

CangForex88 is an online trading company. It hides the details like the name of the owner, address, contacts email, and phone number. We only know about the company headquarters in Hong Kong, and nothing more information they mention on the company website. In this article we cover all the details of CangForex88, including regulation status public review, terms and conditions, final thoughts, and so on. Read the review for more detail.

Is broker legit or not?

The most important step is to check the broker certification(s) if you are searching for an online trading platform. If a broker regulation certificate, is not shown on its website that means the broker is not secure to invest money with them. It also shows that they are not regulated by an authority or a central authority. Cang Limited is an offshore entity because they do not hold any regulated license and also issued a warning by the authority against them. is not safe and secure for investment because they are involved in illegal activities like forex scams or cryptocurrency scams.

How does this Scam work?

You have seen many fraudsters’ ads run on the Internet and social media. Their main aim is to steal as much money from people as many as possible. If once you clicked on these ads and provide them with your details like your email address and contact number, they will call you immediately and ask you to invest money with them. They would promise you that they can make your deposit double within a few days. In starting, they give some good returns to gain your trust. After some days they ask for big amount to invest, but at the time of withdrawal, you know that you have been scammed by a scam broker.

Are Funds Safe with

If you are investing with an unregulated broker, that means your funds are never secure. Investments with unregulated players are risky because they steal your money anytime. According to Report Scam, never invest money with Cang Limited because this broker is involved in scams and does forex scams. Review: Public Review and Rating

Reading all the reviews and ratings is necessary for a new or inexperienced trader who are searching for a trading platform. It helps in finding a good broker and also avoids scammers. After reading all the negative and positive, we advise you not to invest money in the Cang Limited platform. Review: Conclusion

According to Report Scam, we found that is not a regulated broker, and they do forex scams. Report Scam gives advice to the traders that stay away from this broker otherwise, you will lose all your money. If you are a victim of or any other scam broker, Report Scam helps you with our free consulting services.

If you want your money back, we provide a complaint form on our website, fill out a form and share it with us. Our team managed the rest of the things and help to recover your fund. We also provide a scam brokers list of 2021 and 2022 on our website that helps you to avoid scam brokers.

We hope this review is helpful.

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