Is BChainViP a scam or a legit broker? Read this BChainViP Review to know more about the BChainViP scam

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 Address – NA

 Warned By – Ontario Securities Commission (Canada)

Why BChainViP is a scam?

Bchainvip is an odd-looking cryptocurrency trading platform that makes the claim to also provide derivatives trading. Their entire platform is complicated at first sight, and the further specifics aren’t exactly comforting. The management side is avoiding the public.

Sadly, we have nothing flattering to say about them. The majority of what they offer cannot be tested without registering. We decided against moving forward with them for obvious reasons.

Bchainvip withholds all information on their whereabouts. No contact details are provided. Live chat is the only way to communicate with them. The response time is also extremely long, as you will see. We could see by this point that there were many warning signs and that we shouldn’t believe anything they say. Information regarding the licences they possess is absent. They exhibit a level of ambiguity that is unmatched. In other words, there is no such thing as government meddling in terms of their platforms or programmes.

If you are scammed by BChainViP, then file a complaint in the complaint form. You can also check the scam broker 2023 page to avoid scam brokers.

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