Overview of AtlanticFxMarket Review:

AtlanticFxMarket claims to be one of the best brokers that offer trading CFDs on Forex, Indices, Gold, US Shares, Cryptocurrency, etc. The website also shares a little information about cloud mining as well. Despite being “ one of the best brokers”, AtlanticFxMarket does not reveal much information about its trading systems on the website. To know more shocking details about the AtlanticFxMarket scam, read our AtlanticFxMarket review.

About AtlanticFxMarket:

In this section, we will be specifically covering all the offers and demands made by AtlanticFxMarket. We will also be discussing the red flags that are posed by the AtlanticFxMarket scam.

AtlanticFxMarket Regulation:

The regulation part of AtlanticFxMarket is the most tricky in this review. The company claims to be registered in the UK as it is based in the UK. It also claims to be owned and operated by AtlanticFxMarket Ltd. When we investigated the parent company, we could not find any information about its regulation or an address. This gives us the first red flag against the AtlanticFxMarket scam in this AtlanticFxMarket review. Furthermore, upon reading through all the information given on AtlanticFxMarket’s website, we saw that the address listed was in the US. This seems odd especially because the company claims to have regulation and is based in the UK. Upon investigating and cross-checking with the regulators of both the UK and the US, we realized that the company does not have a license from either of the places and is completely lying about AtlanticFxMarket’s regulations on their website.

AtlanticFxMarket and Money Making:

Is it possible to make money with AtlanticFxMarket? Absolutely not. The fact that AtlanticFxMarket does not have a license should be enough to keep you away from the company. Moreover, all this lying that has been done on the website just adds yet another reason to the fact that AtlanticFxMarket is a scam.

AtlanticFxMarket Trading Platform:

In order to know what trading software the company uses, the website needs us to do an identity verification. As it is pretty clear that the company is a scam, we didn’t make an account and check for it. Furthermore, the fact that the company does not even bother to show their choice of trading software on the website is a clear indication of a scam. This gives us yet another red flag against the AtlanticFxMarket scam in this AtlanticFxMarket review.

AtlanticFxMarket Minimum Deposits and Leverage:

Yet another indication of the scam that AtlanticFxMarket is running is their reluctance to reveal any detail about their trading options. AtlanticFxMarket does not reveal the leverage that they offer to the customers unless you are a trader with a trading account in the company.
The case with the Minimum Deposit is similar. Yet again, the AtlanticFxMarket scam does not reveal any information about the minimum initial deposit that they demand.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

In order to sum up all that has been said above, we can safely say that AtlanticFxMarket is a complete scam. We request our readers not to indulge in any kind of trade or investment with this scam broker. One should always conduct proper research before trading or just read our reviews. For more reviews of scam brokers and legit brokers, visit our website.


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