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Ashford Capital Investments Review

Ashfordcapitalinv, or Ashford Capital as it prefers to be known, is a highly secretive FX creature that refuses to reveal the most crucial details about itself, including regulation and legal support. It doesn’t help that the only thing we know is that Estonian law governs its bonus scheme. As a result of its suspicious behaviour, Аshfordcapitalinv has secured a spot on the list of alleged scams. We will discuss why the broker is dangerous in the following review.


We were only able to learn that some policies are governed by Estonian legislation because Ashfordcapitalinv, as indicated, is reluctant to disclose important information about itself. The lack of openness is definitely a key warning sign of possible fraud. The broker is anonymous and unregulated, so if you deposit, your money is at risk. 

Despite this, we looked for a license but couldn’t find any authorized companies connected to the broker. In particular, in order to be qualified for a withdrawal if the broker grants you a bonus, you must trade it 60 000 times. Ashfordcapitalinv will therefore always come up with justifications to deny withdrawal requests if you accept incentives.

Ashfordcapitalinv Trading Software

Although Ashfordcapitalinv claims to offer excellent software, the reality is completely different. The broker’s web-based platform is basic and unable to provide any distinguishing advantages over other trading platforms, including MetaTrader. 

However, the EUR/USD spread is incredibly wide (8.4 pip), which is a very unfavourable Buy/Sell difference, making it impossible for traders to profit. Since the FX market is so competitive, it’s fortunately not difficult to discover reputable brokers who provide spreads of 1 pip or less. Simply click on the offered links to uncover greater options. By far, we have a shady brokerage with absurdly large spreads and a bonus structure that is really dubious.

Ashfordcapitalinv Deposit/Withdrawal Methods and Fees

The minimum deposit is $250, which is a reasonable condition, but the majority of legitimate brokers only take deposits of $100 or less, so you should start with a smaller amount elsewhere. Withdrawal minimums are $100 for other ways and $250 for wire transfers, however these amounts do not include incentives. As previously said, if you accept a bonus from the broker, you may forget about withdrawals. Anyway, the broker establishes itself as excessively pricey because each withdrawal costs 1% with a $30 USD minimum. In contrast, the majority of licenced brokers execute requests without charging a fee, which is actually the appropriate thing to do. 

How does the Ashford Capital Investments scam work?

Scammers are thieves and liars. They’ll make promises about chances that seem too good to be true, quick-rich schemes, guaranteed earnings with little risk, and so on. The con artists strive to lure individuals into dubious schemes and take their money by fostering a false sense of hope.

The advertisements are the beginning of everything. To advertise their phony services, scammers set up a tonne of social media accounts and websites. Instagram pages displaying luxurious lifestyles, boats, automobiles, money, and images of profitable trades are common. People are more likely to become engaged in the showcase and fall for the scam.

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