Introduction to APP Scam Review :

With the customers becoming a little more cautious of these scammers present all around us today, the scammers have slowly crept into every category available and strive to trap innocent people. These scammers observe their potential victims for days before planning the attack in order to create no suspicions at all. One such very cleverly planned scam is APP or the Authorized Push Payment Scams. Read our Authorized Push Payment Scam review to know more about this scam and how to avoid such scams.

What is APP Scam?

An Authorized Push Payment is a type of payment that companies usually adopt while using online banking services. This method of payment has become highly common and used by a majority of people to initiate easier shopping experiences. It also enables faster payments that give the companies an upper hand over the competition as they can accept and make payments at a faster pace. However, this has given the scammers one brand new opportunity to scam people and that is not a good sign.

Now, the question that comes to your mind might be how do the scammers carry this out? The answer to this can be given in one word – Observation. The scammers observe and track the victim by hacking into their social media or email account. From there, the scammer will take note of all the businesses that the victim interacts with. in this process, they will also monitor all the previous payments and exchanges that the victim has done with the businesses to get a better understanding of the victim’s history. Then, when the opportunity sets in, the scammer pretends to be one of the businesses and scams the victim at the right moment when the victim is expecting a payment request.

Types of APP Scams:

One of the very common APP scams that successfully trap a lot of innocent victims is in the Property segment. The hackers seize a lot of money from the unsuspecting victims in the name of transaction charges, delivery charges, various forms, and a variety of names that they might have made up on their own.

Another type of APP scam is when the broker pretends to be the contractor or worker that you hired for any service. The scammer will proceed with a charge that you will pay unsuspectingly as it is common for contractors and workers to exchange emails of their updates regarding your work. The scammer will stay low till an opportunity arrives and then scam you.
If you are one of the people who share their bank details via email, consider yourself an easy target for these APP scammers. The scammers will hack into your email and instantly get access to all the details.

How to avoid APP Scams?

The APP scams do not limit to individual victims. There have been several instances where major and minor companies have fallen victim to APP scams. The best way to avoid such scams is to be extremely cautious and aware of the websites that you are directed to while transferring money to any company or business. One may also include code words in the email that is only known to the two people involved in the payment in order to complete a successful transaction. For more information about the various scams that surround us every day, read our take on other reviews at www.rep


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