Overview of Amazon Scams

Scams have proven to dominate the online world by hacking into one of the largest tech giants, Amazon. Yes, you heard it right, even the major commercial websites do not have immunity against scams. These scammers hack into commercial websites and pose as sellers. Reports show that most of the scams that have been reported by now include seller frauds. How can you stay away from these scams? It’s easy! Read our article on the amazon scams and share it with others to protect yourself and your loved ones from these deadly amazon scams.

How do these Amazon Scams work?

Even though this seems highly unlikely especially from a tech giant such as Amazon, there has been an increased number of cases in this year itself. Scammers pretend to be the sellers on amazon and use images that are posted by legitimate sellers. They may even use other tricks such as earning the tag of bestsellers to lure more victims in. Once the victim places the order, the scammer retrieves the money and never delivers the goods as promised. However, this is only one such type of scam from the many types of scams that come under amazon scams. Read on to know more about the different types of amazon scams.

Types of Amazon Scams:

In this section, we will be discussing all the major scams that come under the amazon scams.

Fake Email Scams

This is one of the common scams that successfully trap unsuspecting customers. In such scams, the cybercriminal poses as one of the amazon agents and sends you an email containing a reward or an unbelievable discount just for you. These emails often come with a link that redirects you to the scammer’s website. If you come across such an email, never click on the link or reply to the mail. Such links will often be attached with a malware or virus that will lock you out of your desktop or mobile phone. The scammer will then proceed to ask for a ransom in return for the key to the digital lock. Another email-based scam is when the fraudster asks you to reply to this mail to claim the prize. The scammer may also ask you for personal information which can lead to worse situations.

Free Massager Gun Scam

The free massager gun scam turned many heads on the social media handles. The scammers launched their fake shop on amazon, listed their products, and also managed to earn the bestseller badge. Now, getting the bestseller badge means that the algorithm directly puts their products on the top of the list when customers search for the item. Furthermore, these scammers spread the word around social media that using certain promo codes will help the customers in getting a massager gun of 120 dollars for free. But how did they benefit from the scam if the product was for free? The scam hidden in this was that upon using the promo codes, the customers were bombarded with a lot of personal questions that included information that should not be shared online.

 Spin the Wheel Scams

The spin the wheel scams have been in the game for a long time. The amazon spin wheel scams work by the scammers spreading the word around through social media. These fraudsters will use excuses such as you have been chosen as the winner of amazon prime day or it is amazon’s 30th anniversary. As soon as you spin the wheel on screen, they will claim that you have won a valuable gift and you would have to fill out a form or pay a certain amount of tax. If you come across any such contests or links, do not click on them. It is a scam!

Locked Amazon Account Scams

This is one of the most obvious yet the scam that people fall prey to. In such scams, the scammers will send you a mail stating that your amazon account has been locked due to illegal or suspicious activities. They will further state that to unlock the account, the user must share the details of the account as a reply to this mail. Beware of such scams! These mails are often filled with a lot of grammatical mistakes which are pretty easy to spot.

Amazon Prime account Scams

This is yet another mastermind by the scammers that have been successful in trapping many innocent people. In such scams, the victims receive a call with an automated message stating that money from their account has been deducted for the Amazon Prime membership. They further state that the user needs to press a certain number in case of any queries. When the innocent victim does so, the call is redirected to the scammers who then apologizes for the mistake and proceeds to ask for personal details to rectify the said mistake. In such a way, the scammers easily get access to the personal information of the victim through this amazon scam.

Amazon Echo Scams

The Amazon echo scams are brutal as well as a brilliant plan of the scammers. In these cases, the scammers hack into the device and either secrete the important information stored on it or use it as a wire to record all that has been said at your place. This proves to be very deadly and the users of amazon echo are requested to be very cautious.

How to avoid these Amazon Scams?

> Never share your personal information in any survey or over the phone call to a stranger.
> Never respond to emails or text messages asking you to pay a certain amount for a free gift from amazon.
> Read the emails carefully. If you spot grammatical mistakes, it is a scam.
> Always change the password of your devices including Amazon echo from their default passwords.
> If you receive a call stating money has been deducted from your account for a membership, call the bank and enquire before taking the next step.

If you have been a victim of any such Amazon Scams, Report now and get instant solutions for fund recovery! If you find this article useful, share it with others and visit the website to read more about such scams.


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