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Alpha Crypto Market Review

Alpha Crypto Market Review 2022

Overview of Alpha Crypto Market Review:

Alpha Crypto Market claims to be one of the leading platforms in binary options and forex. Based in the US, the company claims a lot of things on its website that is completely fake. Alpha Crypto Market states that they have been regulated under various regulators such as CFTC, IFCS, and CySec. Read on to find out how much of these claims made by the Alpha Crypto Market scam are true in our Alpha Crypto Market review.

About Alpha Crypto Market:

In this section, we will be covering all the offers and demands made by Alpha Crypto Market in detail along with discussing the red flags.

Alpha Crypto Market Regulations:

Getting a regulation is the most important step for a brokerage firm to prove that it is a legitimate firm. A license also makes it easier for the customers to trade safely as getting a license puts the firms under the supervision of the regulators. In our case, although Alpha Crypto Market claims to be regulated by not one but three of the regulators including a top-tier regulator, we soon realized that this claim of theirs is fake. When we cross-checked with the regulators for the company and their license, we couldn’t find a trace of Alpha Crypto Market. Therefore, it is clear that Alpha Crypto Market is faking the license and therefore is a scam. This gives us the first red flag against the Alpha Crypto Market scam in this Alpha Crypto Market review.

Alpha Crypto Market and Money Making:

Is it possible to make money with Alpha Crypto Market? The answer is no. The company having no registration and lying about it might be enough to prove that. On top of this, we realized that the address stated by Alpha Crypto Market is completely fake and no such office exists in the address mentioned on their website. This gives us yet another red flag against the Alpha Crypto Market scam. Another shocking fact that we learned about the company is that the website layout and the content provided in Alpha Crypto Market’s website are very similar to another scam broker’s website that goes by the name of Binary Forex Trading. This is a clear red flag and a sign of both the scams conducted by the same scammer of scammers.

Alpha Crypto Market Trading Software and Demo Accounts:

Apart from all the boasting on the Alpha Crypto Market’s website, there is actually very little information about the trading conditions, trading software, etc. It is clear from this that the company is trying to hide the fact that it is a scam and lure in as many people as they can. Alpha Crypto Market also gives us no information regarding a demo account. This gives us yet another red flag against the Alpha Crypto Market scam in this Alpha Crypto Market review.

Conclusion: Is it a Scam or Legit?

With a minimum deposit of $500, leverage up to 1:500, and no information about the spread, it is pretty clear that Alpha Crypto Market is a complete scam. We request our readers not to indulge in any kind of trade or investment with this company. For more information about scam brokers and legitimate brokers, visit our website.

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