Introduction to Alfa Success Corp:


Careful! There might be a scam broker emailing you right as we speak with an irresistible offer. Thousands of people are scammed every day as they tend to miss the tiny details that set the scam brokers apart from the regulated brokerage firms. If you are here with the query of whether Alfa Success Corp is a scam or not, you have reached just the right place. In this review, we will provide detailed explanations on all the red flags possessed by Alfa Success Corp and will also tell you why you shouldn’t be trading with Alfa Success Corp.


About Alfa Success Corp:


Is Alfa Success Corp regulated by any of the regulators?


While looking at the website built by Alfa Success Corp, we came to know the truth that Alfa Success Corp is unregulated. As obvious as it was, the company does not even mention its address or the place where it is registered. The regulation is the most important aspect that a customer must look out for while looking for brokerage firms to trade or invest with. If a brokerage firm is regulated, the regulators have supervision controls over the firm which makes it impossible for the company to attempt a scam and steal from their customers. However, without a license, the scam broker is free to do anything. The fact that Alfa Success Corp is unregulated gives us the first red flag in this review.


What is the minimum deposit asked by Alfa Success Corp?


The minimum deposit is yet another important aspect that is used to differentiate between regulated brokerage firms and scam brokers. Whole regulated brokerage firms will always demand very low deposits, scam brokers demand huge amounts of minimum deposits. In our case, Alfa Success Corp demands a minimum deposit of $100 which is almost as much as ten times as much as the deposit demanded by the regulated firms. This gives us the second red flag in this review.


What is the leverage offered by Alfa Success Corp?


Leverage is yet another risky element in the financial market that should always be offered in low amounts. Although it is tempting to opt for a higher amount of leverage, you must know that the leverage increases the level of risk involved in the trading. Thereby, if the customer opts for leverage as much as 1:300, the risk induced will be much higher than the customer who opts for leverage up to 1:30. In our case, TR Binary Options offers leverage of 1:500 which is clearly very high. Therefore, the high leverage is yet another red flag in this review.


Conclusion: Is Alfa Success Corp a scam or legit?


To conclude, we leave it upon you to decide whether Alfa Success Corp is a scam or not. However, we must warn you that Alfa Success Corp is unregulated and therefore poses a huge risk. If you have been scammed by Alfa Success Corp or any other scammer, file a complaint with us, and let us get to you with the best solutions to get your money back.

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